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Suprised Emoticons(⊙_☉)

Browse over 92 surprised emoticons and kaomoji, perfect for those shocking moments. Copy and paste to express your astonishment or disbelief with ease.

Elated Eureka
Inquisitive Intrigue
Surprised Stare
Bewildered Bloom
Disbelieving Glare
Startled Stare
Surprised Glance
Starry-Eyed Stunner
Kitty Confoundment
ฅ(• ɪ •)ฅ
Owl Overwhelm
Surprised Bear
Overjoyed Ovation
Puzzled Pondering
Surprised Stupor
Flummoxed Feline
Terrified Tremble
Bear Bewilderment
Quizzical Quirk
Astonished Exclamation
(°ロ°) !
Dazed Disbelief
Spellbound Shock
Stupefied Stare
Amazed Anime Eyes
Startling Revelation
Baffled Blink
Whimsical Wow
Dumbstruck Gaze
Outraged Orator
Bear's Big Blink
ʕ •́؈•̀)
Ecstatic Embrace
Disconcerted Daze
Confounded Contemplation
Stymied Stare
Jolted Jaw-Drop
Curious Glint
Giggly Gusto
Spellbound Stare
Wide-Eyed Wonder
Cube of Confusion
Puppy Shock
Magically Mystified
Quizzical Quirk
Uncertain Uproar
Dismayed Disarray
Overwhelmed Ogle
Astonished Aspect
ʕ •̀ ω •́ ʔ
Perplexed Ponderer
Alarmed Alarm
Sunny Surprise
Hypnotized Surprise
Utter Amazement
Wide-Eyed Worry
ლ(•ω •ლ)
Surprised Exclaim
Flustered Flabbergast
Delighted Surprise
Dizzy Daze
Big Eye Surprise
Perturbed Peek
Flower-Eyed Fascination
Stunned Speechless
Bewitched Beaming
Starstruck Stupefaction
Surprised Cat
Shocked Owl
Aghast Astonishment
Surprised Shock
Appalled Astonishment
Blank Bewilderment
Bright-eyed Bewilderment
Round-Eyed Astonishment
Speechless Surprise
Perplexed Ponder
Dumbfounded Disbelief
Double Take
Wide-Eyed Wonderment
Floral Flabbergast
Round-Eyed Riddle
Astounded Gawk
Emojified Exclaim
Intense Intrigue
Angry Astonishment
Hypnotic Horror
Bewitched Bewilderment
Stern Surprise
Enthralled Excitement
Flabbergasted Flinch
Cat in Shock
Owl in Awe

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