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Check Mark and X Mark Symbols☑ ✗ ☒ ✓

Copy and paste our check mark symbols to customize your social media profiles and messenger app chats. Choose from 36+ symbols to show your unique style!

Ballot Box With Check
Not Check Mark
Check Mark
Heavy Check Mark
Check Mark Emoji
Square Root
Circled Ideograph Correct
Ballot Box With Check Emoji
White Heavy Check Mark
Heavy Large Circle
Hundred Points Symbol
Thumbs up Sign
Ballot Box With X
Aegean Check Mark
Box Drawings Light Diagonal Cross
Hangzhou Numeral Five
Circled Multiplication Sign With Circumflex Accent
Heavy Ballot X
Ballot X
Hangzhou Numeral Four
Multiplication Sign in Double Circle
Multiplication Sign in Triangle
Cross Mark
Negative Squared Cross Mark
Person Gesturing No
Woman Gesturing No
Man Gesturing No
Thumbs Down Sign
Squared NG
No Entry Sign
No Entry
Octagonal Sign
No Bicycles
Do Not Litter Symbol
No Mobile Phones
No One Under Eighteen Symbol
No Pedestrians
No Smoking Symbol
Non-potable Water Symbol