Currency Symbols₿ ¥ ₲ €

Copy and paste currency symbols to decorate your social media statuses, bios, and messenger chat text. Show off your style with any of these 65+ cool symbols!

Afghani Sign
Austral Sign
Baht Sign
Bitcoin Sign
Cedi Sign
Cent Sign
Cent Sign (Fullwidth)
Colon Sign
Cruzeiro Sign
Dogecoin Sign
Dollar Sign
Dollar Sign (Fullwidth)
Dollar Sign (Emoji)
Dong Sign
Drachma Sign
Ethereum Sign
Euro Sign
Euro-currency Sign
Florin Sign
French Franc Sign
Ganda Mark (Bengali)
German Mark Sign
German Penny Sign
Guarani Sign
Hryvnia Sign
Ioti Sign
Kip Sign
Lek Sign, Lempira Sign
Lira Sign
Litecoin Sign
Livre Tournois Sign
Manat Sign
Mill Sign
Naira Sign
New Sheqel Sign
Peseta Sign
Peso Sign
Pound Sign
Pound Sign (Fullwidth)
Pula Sign
Quetzal Sign
Rand Sign
Rial Sign
Riel Sign
Ruble Sign
Rupee Mark (Bengali)
Rupee Mark (North Indic)
Rupee Sign
Rupee Sign (Bengali)
Rupee Sign (Gujarati)
Rupee Sign (Indian)
Rupee Sign (Tamil)
Shilling Sign
Square Yuan
Tenge Sign
Tezos Sign
Tugrik Sign
Wancho Ngun Sign
Won (Korean)
Won Sign
Won Sign (Fullwidth)
Yen (Japanese)
Yen Sign, Yuan Sign
Yen Sign, Yuan Sign (Fullwidth)
Yuan (Simplified Chinese)
Yuan (Traditional Chinese)
Currency Sign
Currency Exchange
Banknote With Dollar Sign
Banknote With Yen Sign
Banknote With Euro Sign
Banknote With Pound Sign